In the summer of 2014, Joshua Weir and Everett Thompson the owners of Transform, made a promise.  Starting then they would give at least 10% of Transform’s net income to an important cause.  They had not yet decided where they would give, but knew that they wanted to help in a big way and that we wanted to be aggressive in Transform’s giving.   One of our core beliefs that drove this decision was the belief that a life well lived and a life fully enjoyed must be one where impact is being made in the lives of those that are hurting and helpless in the world.  Years before Everett and Joshua had shared a desire to provide for orphaned and vulnerable kid but had never identified a specific way to do it.  Because of this they had only intermittently given to several causes over the years.  Within only a few weeks of this promise, Asia’s Hope came across Transforms path.  They had a chance meeting with John McCollum, and were totally sold on their mission and the impact this organization was having in to the worldwide orphan crises  in three of the most ravaged countries in the world – India, Cambodia and Thailand.  In India alone there are a staggering number of orphans over 20,000,000, larger than the population the entire state of New York. Their story can be read in detail here at

Asia’s Hope’s family style care model, meant these children’s homes weren’t like an institution.  The homes instead each function like a family, with a mom, dad, often grandparents, a tutor and cook.  The 18-22 children are brought into a home for life, not on a temporary basis and are given a mom and dad, whom in most every way became their parents.  A family who will be together through college and beyond.  As we talked with Asia’s Hope, we discovered that the two greatest limiting factors for them were:   first, unrestricted funds for use where most needed and for education; and second, committed long term partners who were willing to invest substantially in specific homes and projects.  As a result of our time with Asia’s Hope and learning about the great IMPACT they are  having in the lives of hundreds of children, we knew we wanted to join hands with them on behalf of these amazing kids.  It is our  privilege to fully fund the Kalimpong 2 home in India, providing for the daily needs of these children, and it’s our goal is to grow our commitment to this home and to help Asia’s Hope expand the number of children it can rescue.  Currently our support commitment is beyond our 10% net profit, but as we grow as a company, we look forward to that 10% number growing as well. As a client of Transform, you are playing a significant part in what we are able to do through Asia’s Hope for these amazing children.  Our hope is that our clients will not only be encouraged that a portion of their money is going to Asia’s Hope, but also feel moved to make a personal financial commitment, no matter how small, to Asia’s Hope.  Together we will see hundreds and eventually thousands more children — children who would otherwise have no home and no family and no future — be brought into what should be everyone’s  experience, a loving and caring family.


Joshua & Everett